Virtual Visit Support

Welcome to our Virtual Visit support page. In an effort to prepare for a Virtual Visit, you will need to successfully complete the following steps:

1. Sign Up for a Virtual Visit on our website by clicking HERE or call us at
(440) 460-2884 and speak with our support team.

2. After signing up for a Virtual Visit, you will receive an email from "Telemedicine Services." This email will contain all the necessary details regarding downloading the PocketPatient app and successfully logging in. (You may receive a second email from "Patient Portal" but can disregard it at this time).

Please refer to the videos below for a visual walkthrough of these initial steps:

iPhone users:

Android users:

3. When logging into PocketPatient for the first time, make sure to use: as the Practice URL (see screenshot below) and follow the instructions in the app to set your password.

4. When you have successfully set up and logged into PocketPatient you will see the following screen indicating your are ready to participate in a Virtual Visit:

5. Within the PocketPatient App make sure you set the camera settings to "High" resolution as follows:

6. Once completed, please contact our office to make an appointment with your doctor for your Virtual Visit. You will need to speak with our support team to schedule your appointment prior to initiating your Virtual Visit.

7. Please do not create a "Virtual Check-in" in the PocketPatient app as we will only be utilizing Video visits at this time.

8. 10-15 minutes prior to the time of your scheduled visit, you will receive a call from one of our medical assistants/nurses who will begin your exam and make sure you are prepared for the live video portion of the visit.

9. When you have completed your history with the medical assistant/nurse, you will open your PocketPatient app and once the doctor has enabled the portal you will click "Join Video Visit" to join the video conference for the live interaction.

Please be ready promptly 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled time and prepare for your visit with the following information:

  a) The reason for your visit
  b) Any updates to your medical history
  c) Any updates to your allergies
  d) A list of your current medications
  e) All questions and concerns you have for your doctor

We look forward to continuing to serve you during these difficult times.

Last updated: April 7, 2020